This is an idea that has been used before several times before, but I have taken quite an interest in it. I have experimented with creating several images of this nature, and have created some amazing effects with it unlike others I've ever seen. I began this series many years ago using computer printed gells on an overhead school style projector.  I currently have digital projectors for use with these shoots and I'm anxious to take advantage of these newer / updated tools. 

If you are interested in taking part in this series, please contact me.



I have been working on this series many years ago now and it is probably the most popular series I have done to date.  It breaks down pretty simple.  I am doing photos in blacklight with glow in the dark body paint. This effect has proven to be quite amazing! And I want to create a large portfolio of such work. I have worked with several models on this project, but I'm still seeking more.  I want to have around 50 individual models pose creating enough images to fill a gallery display of 120 pieces.  This series does require full nudity. Contact me if interested in taking part in this series!



Over the last decade I have done a lot of  work with Special FX make up, blood, gore and horror type images.  In most cases just minor blood work used in somewhat erotic ways, others are more in depth with some help from fellow FX artists.  Now I am wanting to assemble a series dedicated to crime scene type photos.  These images won't be just models with blood and FX, but are much more realistic crime scene looks.  This series is inspired by Troy Holbrook (Body Bag Photography & FX). I met him many years back at The Chicago Horror Film Festival, and have been a fan of his work ever since.  Now I have the urge to create my own crime scenes for such art.  If you would be interested in taking part in this series, please contact me! 


This series is one that I have been brainstorming for several years and have yet to start on.  But, I am very much ready to bring it to life when I find the right models to work on it with me.  This series is based on country settings.  I have many scenes in mind from a girl fishing on a wooden pier, a girl in daisy dukes and a white shirt covered in mud on a quad to a country bath scene in a horse troff and much more!  I will be seeking out very dedicated models for this series, as it will be very different from any of my previous works and might require some time (and possible travel) to get the scenes set just right.  Please let me know if you would be interested in taking part in this series.


I am going to start shooting photos referencing movies (and possibly TV).  This would be models recreating a scene from a given movie in full detail (settings / costume / etc..) and/or mimicking a movie poster.  I will be looking for MUA's, Stylists, and probably some designers to help put some of these ideas together.  If you are interested in taking part in this series, please contact me!